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From The Desk Of: Peter Macnie
Dear Friend,

Since you've found this website I suppose its ok to let you know that "I'm a ballet addict". The truth is, I'm always on the internet looking for ballet tips and advice on how to improve ballet technique. That's what led me to put this website up. Let me explain...

While surfing around the internet last week for a book to help young people who want to become ballet dancers, I stumbled upon something so fantastic that it immediately got my attention. In fact, I discovered something sooo amazing, at first I thought it was "too good to be true" like most things are.

You see, a few months ago, I was doing some research on Celia Sparger - one of the most respected and talented ballet instructors of the 60s. I noticed that most of her work was available and accounted for with the exception of one of her most important pieces of work, entitled "Ballet Physique".

Well, this got me curious and so I started digging a little deeper. I sent off a few emails asking questions about ballerina training books, unfortunately every road I seemed to head down was a dead end.... until a couple of weeks ago that is...

By a stroke of luck, I emailed my story to one of my favorite site's webmasters. As it turned out, he had an old copy of this difficult to find book - it was right under my damn nose. After numerous emails, I finally got him to mail me his copy.

This Book Is A Goldmine For Aspiring Ballet Dancer!

What blew me away was that this book actually taught the ballet teachers how to observe different aspects of aspiring young dancers and determine the areas of physique and artistry

This 61-Page manuscript really is an important addendum to any ballet teacher's library.

Celia Sparger spent many years studying and applying her techniques and methods to help the ballet teacher make an informed decision at auditions. Her work will help any teacher decide who will make it as a ballet dancer and who will not...

If You Want To Become A Ballerina, Then This Book Will Show You What The Teachers Are Looking For, So Now You'll Be In The Know.

In the 17 chapters of this book here's just a snippet of what you'll learn:

  1. The body... learn how to recognize if a ballet dancer possess a physique that can be trained to the finest degree of coordination, combined with complete flexibility, endurance, and great strength from head to toes.
  2. Proportions... there are two types, long back with correspondingly short legs. Short back with correspondingly long legs. Discover the pros and cons of the two types and how to utilize what you have.
  3. Limbs... how to determine different bone structures and how this can impact on your ability to dance.
  4. Knock Knees... it will be clear that the shape of the pelvis and position of the thigh is an important factor in determining the straightness of the legs as a whole (Learn how to conduct a simple test to determine this condition).
  5. Examination... you will be shown how to conduct a physical examination with a view to decide upon the dancers ability to train for a professional career.
  6. The Importance Of The Feet... there is a comprehensive section on the affects that certain body weights, sizes and structures have on the feet. You will learn what to look for in the perfect foot.

    And there's loads more...

    At this point, you might be wondering how you can get your hands on a copy of this wonderful book

    Well, here's the good news.

    After doing even more research, (I told you I was passionate about ballet) I have contacted the original copyright owners and gained permission to republish Celia Sparger's complete work on this website.

    Because ballet is my passion and I want to share it with as many people as possible, I've decided to do something completely unheard of these days. I’m going to let you have this amazing manuscript for nothing.

It's FREE... Yes, 100% FREE

Now you have no excuse for not being able to achieve your dream of being a ballet dancer, using this insider information to best advantage.

So without any further adieu, lets get started...


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